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A Note About Inspire Mentoring

You will find several different forms of mentoring as you peruse my website. Thank you for spending your time here.

As someone who is deeply committed to my faith and to the principles of servant leadership, I am

excited to offer a business mentorship in a one-on-one experience that is grounded in these values.

Welcome to Inspire Mentoring.

If you are considering joining my one-on-one mentorship program, here is what you can expect:

  1. A focus on personal growth: I believe that personal growth is the foundation for effective leadership, and as your mentor, I will encourage you to reflect on your own values, beliefs, and motivations. We will work together to identify areas where you can stretch yourself and take on new roles and responsibilities as you grow in your business and in your faith.

  2. A commitment to service: Faith and servant leadership are all about putting the needs of others before your own. As your mentor, I will encourage you to focus on serving your customers, employees, and community with compassion and humility. This may involve volunteering your time and resources, or simply striving to be a supportive and responsive leader in your business.

  3. Spiritual and ethical guidance: As someone who is deeply rooted in my faith, I am committed to offering guidance and support as you navigate spiritual and ethical challenges in your business. We will have open and honest conversations about how your

faith informs your business decisions, and I will help you seek wisdom and guidance from faith leaders when needed.

  1. A sense of community: I believe that faith-based and servant leadership mentorship is most effective when it involves a sense of community and collaboration. As your mentor, I will introduce you to other business leaders who share your values, and encourage you to seek out opportunities to work with others in service to your community. This will be an invite to our exclusive professional mentor group The Khen Group.

I am confident that this business mentorship experience, grounded in faith and servant leadership, will be a deeply meaningful and transformative journey for you. By focusing on personal growth, service, spiritual and ethical guidance, and community, you will develop the skills and perspective needed to be a leader who makes a positive impact in your business or profession and beyond. I look forward to working with you and supporting you as you grow as a business leader.

In Him,

Sarah Beth Herman, THM, BAML, BBA, AA

Servant Leader and Mentor

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