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How We Can Learn

If there’s one thing I'm passionate about, it’s the incredible journey of learning. Today, I want to share something that has truly transformed my approach to growing in business and as a leader: the power of engaging with multiple learning platforms and the insights gained from mentors across different industries.

Why Mix Up Your Learning Sources?

Imagine turning your morning jog or drive into a mini-classroom. That’s what audiobooks have done for me. They’re a fantastic way to soak in new ideas and perspectives, especially when your schedule seems too packed for anything else. And then there are podcasts—like my own, Dentistry Support® The Podcast. Hosting and writing for the podcast has opened doors to conversations with amazing thinkers and doers from all walks of life, which not only broadens my own horizons but hopefully enriches yours, too.

The Magic of Diverse Mentorship

There's an old saying that to be the best, you need to learn from the best. But here’s a little twist: the best can come from anywhere and any sector, not just your own. The tech guru’s agile project management, the retailer’s knack for customer engagement, and the manufacturer’s supply chain wizardry—all hold valuable lessons that can cross-pollinate to spruce up even the most established practices, like those in my own field of dentistry.

It's All About People, Products, and Processes

At the heart of it, whether you're in tech, retail, healthcare, or any other industry, our businesses all boil down to three P's: People, Product, and Process. Keeping these three pillars in mind simplifies what we’re all striving to do—create value, serve our communities, and optimize the way we do it.

People: They're at the center of everything we do. Whether it's your team or your clients, understanding and valuing people will always be your greatest asset.

Product: This is your offering, the solution you bring to the table. Learning across industries can spark the most innovative ideas to enhance your product or service, making it even more appealing.

Process: How efficiently and effectively can you deliver your product? There's always room for improvement, and sometimes the best operational tweaks come from completely outside your field.

A Little Nudge for You

If you’ve been sticking to what you know, maybe it’s time to shake things up a bit. Pick up that audiobook from a genre you've never tried, tune into a podcast that’s out of your usual, or reach out to a mentor from a field you know little about. You’ll be surprised at how refreshing and rewarding these new perspectives can be.

I encourage you, with open arms and a big smile, to embrace this approach. Let’s not just grow in business but flourish in our understanding and innovations. By welcoming all sorts of knowledge and experiences, we can transform our challenges into our greatest successes. Let's learn from everyone and everywhere, and make our business and personal journeys truly spectacular.

Thanks for joining me in this delightful exploration of learning and growth. Here’s to making every opportunity a stepping stone to greater achievements. Let’s keep inspiring and supporting each other, every step of the way!

In Him,

Sarah Beth Herman, THM, BAML, BBA, AA

Servant Leader and Mentor

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