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My Links

Listed below are the links to the items I use every day.  Yes, these are affiliate links and yes I make a small commission when you buy from them.  I made these into affiliate links because I have effectively brought you to these merchants and feel they should be responsible to reward that purchase.  These brands have put me through a vetting process to approve me as a partner. Thank you for using my links! 


This microphone audio mixer is used to connect your mic to your camera or computer. 


This is my iPhone tri-pod with remote I use for video content and podcasting.


This is what I use to broadcast my podcast.


This is my Shure Mic I use for personal sound during solo podcasts.


This is my portable mic set up I use that has the #1 sound quality and ability to dual interview. 


This is where I stream my each episode for my podcast and my live webinars. Using this link you'll get $10 off!

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