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Hey, I'm Sarah Beth Herman

I am your new BFF and this is your guide to mastering leadership, podcasting, business development, dentistry, and beyond. I litterally want you to succeed, no scratch that, I dream of you succeeding. With nearly 25 years of experience, I’m here to help you unlock your potential and excel in your career.


Learn with me what kind of mentorships my clients are engaged in. 

Oh gosh, you totally should...

be mentored.... I am legit bursting with excitement to share why mentoring is an absolute must-have for leaders and business owners at every stage! From those just stepping into leadership roles to the savvy heads of multi-million dollar enterprises, my mentoring is designed to amplify your success and ignite your passion. Think of it as an investment in your most valuable asset—you! With my extensive experience and dynamic approach, I’ve empowered a diverse range of clients to enhance their skills, boost their confidence, and achieve remarkable growth. Whether you're looking to refine your leadership style, scale your business, or master the art of effective communication, my mentorship adapts to meet your needs. Let’s make magic happen together and turn your aspirations into achievements. Ready to invest in your future? I’m here to guide you every step of the way!

Mentoring Sessions

Generational Leadership Mastery


Business Ownership Blueprint

What is transformative generational leadership? I am taking you to a place in leadership where you will learn how to inspire, motivate, and guide your team to success. This mentorship is perfect for those looking to sharpen their leadership skills with strategic insights and practical tools. You'll gain direct access to me through our private chat app, where we tailor your development plan with custom checklists and timelines.

Turn your passion for speaking into a successful podcast with this comprehensive mentorship. Learn everything from content creation to audience engagement, all while establishing your unique voice. With our private chat, I’ll be right there to guide you from concept to launch, ensuring you have all the checklists and timelines needed to hit the airwaves with a splash.

Whether you’re starting out or scaling up, this mentorship provides the essentials of business ownership. From creating a business plan to mastering financial strategies, get ready to launch and grow your business with confidence. Our private chat ensures you have my support every step of the way, complete with custom planning tools to keep you on track.


For dental professionals aspiring to climb the ladder or enhance their practice, this mentorship covers everything from patient management to innovative dental technologies. Receive tailored guidance that transforms your practice and career, complemented by instant messaging access to me for ongoing support and specialized resources.

Becoming a Mentor

If you’re eager to give back and guide others, this mentorship teaches you how to become an effective mentor. Harness your expertise to foster the growth of aspiring professionals in your field. As always, you'll have instant access to me for personalized advice and support, helping you become a mentor who truly makes a difference.

Public Speaking

Ready to captivate and inspire audiences with your words?  Whether you're preparing for a keynote, a panel discussion, or any speaking engagement, this mentorship program will equip you with the techniques to deliver your message with confidence and charisma. You'll learn how to structure compelling talks, engage diverse audiences, and overcome any stage jitters. With direct access to me through our private chat app, and custom tools like speech outlines and performance checklists, you'll have everything you need to take the stage by storm. 

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